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Biomass Testing Services

Ultimate and Proximate Analysis is available
Test NameMethodQuantityDescriptionMethod Link
Acid NumberASTM D664300mlView DescriptionView Method
Ash in WoodASTM D11022 grams View Method
Ash, TotalASTM D482100ml View Method
Calorific Value (BTU)ASTM D24020mlView DescriptionView Method
Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, OxygenASTM D537310g View Method
Carbon, Hydron & NitrogenASTM D529110gView DescriptionView Method
Copper Strip CorrosionASTM D13050ml View Method
Density (lb/gal or kg/L)ASTM D405220mlView DescriptionView Method
Determination of Ash Content of Wood FuelsASTM E15345gView DescriptionView Method
Flash PointASTM D9350mlView DescriptionView Method
Gross Calorific Value of Refuse-Derived FuelASTM E7115ml or 2 gramsView DescriptionView Method
Oxygen ContentNA10gView Description 
Pour PointASTM D9780mlView DescriptionView Method
Pyrolysis SolidsASTM D757915gView DescriptionView Method
SulfurASTM D262220mlView DescriptionView Method
Sulfur (Bomb Method)ASTM D12950mlView DescriptionView Method
Total Solids in BiomassASTM E17565gView DescriptionView Method
Total Sulfur of Refuse-Derived FuelASTM E77550mlView DescriptionView Method
ViscosityASTM D445100mlView DescriptionView Method
Water InsolublesNA100ml  
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Biomass Testing
Ultimate Analysis
Intertek Biomass Testing

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