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Hazardous material shipping rules can be found in 49 CFR 100-185.
UPS Hazmat site
Diesel shipping exception:
Up to 64 lbs. of diesel fuel can be packaged in a single shipment as long as the fuel is packaged in seperate 1 fluid oz. containers. This exception is found in 49 CFR 173.4. As long as the outside of the package has the following marking: "This package conforms to 49 CFR 173.4 for domestic highway or rail transport only", the package is not considered hazardous and can shipped from any UPS location.

Shipping fuels in general:
To ship a petroleum product the package must be marked with flammable liquid labels and the appropriate markings as defined in the hazmat shipping table. If the shipment is going by UPS or FedEx the shipper must complete the D.O.T. hazardous training module and be certified by the carrier.

Biodiesel does not fall under the hazmat shipping regulations and can be shipped without any hazardous labels.

Hazardous Materials Training Modules

We are an authorized shipper of hazardous materials through UPS®
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