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Detects "Fuel Bugs", bacteria, fungus and mold in fuel.

This test is called a "dip slide". One side of the slide is "white". This will detect BACTERIA between 24 and 36 hours after exposure. The other side of the slide is "off white". This will detect MOLD between 36 and 48 hours after exposure.

NO spots are good news. Any reaction is bad news.

1. Simply remove the slide from the tube. DO NOT touch the slide surface. The slide will detect bacteria on you fingers.

2. Dip the slide into the fuel for 15 seconds. Take a fuel sample from the fuel filter or water separator.

3. Remove the excess fuel. And then put the slide back into the tube.

4. Put the tube in a desk drawer, any dark location, for 24 hours.

5. Inspect the tube at 24 hours, 36 hours and 48 hours. Any reaction requires immediate action on your part. Add a BIOCIDE to the fuel to immediately kill the biological elements in your tank. Then install a Dieselcraft Fuel Stabilizer to assure that this problem does not return.

For disposal fill the tube with household bleach. Re-insert the slide and place in the trash.

If water enters your fuel system either through condensation or vents, it can causes bacteria growth. Many species of bacteria, mold and fungus can grow in diesel fuel but not algae. The scientific names for the most common types of organisms that live in petroleum products are Cladosporium resinae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Algae growth in fuel is a misnomer for the problem.

What looks like algae may be in fact asphaltene or diesel sludge.

Asphaltene is a chemical problem inherent in diesel fuel and not biological contamination. This can be treated with Dieselcraft Technol 246 sludge dispersant.

Unless you drain your tanks 100%, you always have old fuel in your tanks. This old fuel most likely has one of two problems, biological or chemical.

To determine the problem so it can be treated we have produced a fuel test kit that will identify biological contaminants.

Each kit comes with a sampling beaker and plastic tube for the fuel sample, along with the test kit that contains the bacteria and mold media.  

Kits are $9. You may change the quantity during the checkout process. Shipping is a flat rate based on quantity.

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