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Waste Oil Testing

KMT and Keystone Laboratories combine to give you an extensive list of tests for your recycled oil.
KMT tests:
Test NameMethodQuantityWikipedia ReferenceMethod Link
API GravityASTM D405220mlView DescriptionView Method
Ash, TotalASTM D482100ml View Method
Calorific Value (BTU)ASTM D24020mlView DescriptionView Method
Density (lb/gal or kg/L)ASTM D405220mlView DescriptionView Method
Flash PointASTM D9350mlView DescriptionView Method
Pour PointASTM D9780mlView DescriptionView Method
SulfurASTM D262220mlView DescriptionView Method
ViscosityASTM D445100mlView DescriptionView Method
Water & SedimentASTM D2709, D1796100mlView DescriptionView Method
Water, Volumetric Karl FischerASTM E20350mlView DescriptionView Method
Keystone Laboratories is a full service environmental laboratory, and can run many different tests on your oil, including metals and chlorine.
Call us at 1-800-858-5227 for a quote, or email info@kmtlabs.com
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