ULSD Sampling Instructions:

  1. Collect fuel sample in 250ml beaker
  2. Pour sample into 25ml glass container
  3. Discard 250ml plastic beaker
  4. Make sure sample lid is sealed tightly
  5. Place completed sample label on sample
  6. Wrap sample in cellulose packing material
  7. Place wrapped sample in Ziploc bag
  8. Place completed Chain of Custody back in box
  9. Affix UPS return label over original label
  10. Keep return label receipt for tracking purposes
  11. Ship using an authorized UPS retailer
  12. You may ship multiple sampling kit boxes together in a larger box.
  13. Make sure the final package has this text on it: “This package conforms to 49 CFR 173.4”

Generic Fuel Sampling Instructions:

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